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Ozone Generator

ozone generator

Created from the oxygen we breathe, Ozone gas is a powerful sanitizer that is known to kill disease-causing microorganisms. Installed in line with our air system is the Ozone generator, this generator incorporates a Corona Discharge chamber. Once oxygen (O2) enters the chamber and passes over a high energy electrical field, the electrical current quickly splits one of the oxygen atoms and creates Ozone (O3). This Ozone gas than flows through the air system piping and out through the air jets disinfecting the system while you bath. This way of sanitizing the air system leaves no harmful by-products and quickly converts back to oxygen.


uv sterilizer

UV Sterilizer

Ultraviolet light aka UV has been used for year"s in hospitals, laboratories, food processing plants and other public facilities to kill bacteria, viruses, algae, molds, yeasts, and disease causing microorganisms. Water treatment facilities as well found UV a proven technology that is effective in controlling pathogens in water. Our UV Sterilizer is installed in-line with the Hydro Massage System piping. As water flows through the UV chamber, the light rays attack any microbes that are present and scrambles there DNA structure rendering them sterile. The cell is now considered dead and can no longer reproduce. The result is piece of mind knowing the bath water and system piping is being sanitized while you enjoy a relaxing bath.

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