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Which Tub is Right for Me?

Bathing Solutions Walk In Tubs are designed to fit into the space of a standard bathtub. Our smaller models can even fit into a shower stall space. Standard bathtub spaces are usually 60 inches long with widths 28 inches to 32 inches. Models 2653, 3052, 3055 Deep and 3252WT include an extension piece to fill in the total 60 inch space.

Model 28

Model 28
28 in. wide x 52 in. long x 41 in. high. (extension filler included for a total length of 60")  Tub operating capacity 60 gallons. This is the most sought after and versatile size for a walk in bathtub with over 35 inches in soaking depth and only a 4-1/2 inch entry height. We made it more narrow to easily fit through most doors yet having the same interior size as our larger Model 30.
Bidet notch is also included! Visit Model 28 Page

Model 3048

Model 3048
29 ¾” X 47 ½” X 38”
Designed to replace a 48” shower stall or into that smaller space. 56 gallon capacity.
Visit Model 3048 Page

Model 32

Model 32 32” X 60’ X 37’
Completely fills a standard tub space w/o a filler (extension) panel. 70 gallon capacity.
Visit Model 32 Page

Model 30 Deep

Model 30 Deep
29 ¾” X 55” X 47”
Installs in standard tub space, fits through 30” doorways and provides a deep soak with a 39” water depth. 80 gallon capacity.
Visit Model 30 Deep Page

Model 32 Deep

Model 32 Deep
32” X 60” X 47”
Largest walk in tub made, provides a deep soak and maximum leg room. 83 gallon capacity.
Visit Model 32 Deep Page

Walk in Model 2645 Tub Page

Model 2645
26” X 45” X 40” Where space is limited or for replacing a large shower. Bi-fold door provides easy closing around the knees.
Visit Model 2645 Page

Walk in Model 3252 Tub Page

Model 3252 WT
52” X 32” X 40” The 3252 WT can be used for 
wheelchair transfer or can be used as a walk in tub if a 
larger door opening is required. You can use this tub for 
ambulatory to totally dependent individuals.
Visit Model 3252 Page

Walk in Model 3555 Tub Page

Model 3555 Bariatric
35" x 55" x 41"
It has a 30 1/2 inch wide seat. The inward opening door on the Model 3555 is 23 ½ inches at the top, 17 ½ inches at the curve of the door and 15 inches wide at the bottom. 80 Gallon Tub Capacity.
Visit Model 3555 Bariatric Page

Walk in Model 30FL Tub Page

Model 28FL Fully Loaded
28 in. wide x 52 in. long x 41 in. high. (extension filler included for a total length of 60")  Tub operating capacity 60 gallons.
We took our most popular model and loaded it with the most safety and convenience features available on a walk-in bathtub Visit Model 28FL Fully Loaded Page

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